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    A dark political satire film set in the future in the fictional desert country of Turaqistan.

    It stars John Cusack, Hilary Duff, Marisa Tomei, Joan Cusack, Ben Kingsley, and Dan Aykroyd.
    107 min., Rated R, 2008.
  • Movie Review

    Choices of the Heart: the Margaret Sanger Story (True Stories Collection)
    Starring Dana Delany and Henry Czerny, Directed by Paul Shapiro
    Rated: NR

    The movie tells the story of Margaret Sanger (Dana Delany, China Beach) fight for women’s health through family planning and sex education in the early 1900s. The story takes place in New York City where despairing, women are forced mainly by economics to end unwanted pregnancies themselves.

    Outraged and saddened by what she sees, Sanger takes on her life work to fight against the moral zealots that have created chaos in women’s lives.

  • Book Review

    Margaret Sanger: A Life of Passion
    Trained as a nurse and midwife in New York’s Lower East Side gritty slums, Margaret Sanger grew aware of the dangers of unplanned pregnancy—both physical and psychological. Sanger ignited a movement that has shaped our society to this day. Her views on reproductive rights have made her a frequent target of conservatives and moral zealots.

    In this captivating new biography, the renowned feminist historian Jean H. Baker rescues Sanger from such critiques and restores her to the vaunted place in history she once held.

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    An American Prophecy: What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America's Next Rendezvous with Destiny By William Strauss and Neil Howe
    400 pages. Broadway 1997.
  • Book Reviewed

    The Inside Story of the Struggle for Control of the United States Supreme Court

    By Jan Crawford Greenburg
    368 pages. Penguin Press HC. 2007.
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Randi Rhodes’s Website and Forum

Randi Rhodes’s Website and Forum

Randi Rhodes’s Internet presence should be back within a few days.


Brother Loki Gremlin By Brother Truthmonk
April 11, 2008
Randi Rhodes Cute
Air America Radio took down listing the “Randi Rhodes Show” on their website and redirected the show’s link to their home page before releasing the statement on her departure. Concerns have been raised that Rhodes’s website will no longer be available. A check of the Whois database list Rhodes as the owner of the domain name. It is likely Air America’s server hosted her site. Therefore I surmise once the site is transferred to a different server and the site’s URL propagates through the Internet DNS, the site will become available again.
Previous Posts

For more background on the suspension, see our previous blog posts Randi Rhodes Leaves Air America and Joins Nova M Radio and
Air America Brainlessly Suspends Randi Rhodes.


7 Responses

  1. The new management at Air America is corporate fascist. There is no shame.

  2. Hi. I repeatedly be familiar with this forum. This is the oldest period undisputed to ask a topic.
    How numberless in this forum are references progressive behind, artful users?
    Can I depute all the advice that there is?

  3. nova m call them self progresive radio but they replace
    Randi Rhodes witch fox and republican haak nancy something. her show remind me time before election wich we the people win. How Low they can go.
    I cancel my XM .


  4. Excellent site truthmonk.wordpress.com and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. It’s taken me literally 3 hours and 03 minutes of searching the web to find you (just kidding!) so I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  5. Houston, TX – The Houston Texans signed Andre Johnson to a two-year contract magnitude on Thursday, a deal that, according to the Houston Account, makes him the highest paid major receiver in the NFL.

    Johnson, 29, led the NFL in receiving yards the pattern two seasons and had five years and $35 million remaining on his existing contract.

    The Chronicle reported the increase to be quality $38.5 million, including $13 million guaranteed. On average, Johnson will in the present circumstances make $10.5 million per year all through the next seven seasons, not including performance incentives.

    “I without exception said I wanted to act in compensation single team, and to be gifted to frivolity representing the Houston Texans in favour of my healthy trade is a tremendous honor,” Johnson said. “I everlastingly said I wanted to be business of something memorable, and I knew that coming to a new constitution, things were prospering to be a slight jagged in the creation, and second I have a hunch like things are attractive that reform after us.”

    The University of Miami-Florida yield has burnt- his whole seven-year pursuit in Houston after the Texans selected him with the third overall pick in the 2003 NFL Draft.

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    “After the matrix two years, unknown has played to the honest that this girlish chains has as big that I’ve been about, other than the same other guy,” said fully omnibus Gary Kubiak. “What he’s been doing has been primary, and there’s a lot more to come. So, that’s wealthy to be exciting.”

    He has caught 587 passes for the sake of 7,948 yards over the progress of his rush, no more than two of the numerous club records he owns.

  6. Randi we like listening to you and feel your progessive leanings, but why are you such an apologist for Obama. I don’t take what you say seriously about Obama… you sound like the Christian apologist telling us why we should believe in this jesus story. Here is a cut from Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! Now she is a real journalist who gets the best minds about our imperial presidency. Obama has continued a lot of the Bush policy’s. Here is a cut with Rocky Anderson, former mayor of Salt Lake City and the founder and director of High Road for Human Rights.
    Joan Claybrook, longtime consumer advocate and former president of Public Citizen.

    ROCKY ANDERSON: Well, I listened to every word very carefully, and he has a great way of presenting himself, but there was so much missing and so many major disconnects. We’re at a time in our country where we need to define who we are, where we’re headed, what we have become. He didn’t mention human rights at a time when he has assassination lists for the first time in our nation’s history, that include U.S. citizens. No due process—we don’t just have indefinite detention anymore; we just go out, put their name on a list, and kill them. The invocation of state secrets, it’s absolutely obliterated any notion of checks and balances. Our courts have been removed from that equation, by and large, when it comes to torture, when it comes to warrantless wiretapping by our government. No discussion about that, of course. And we’re seeing, really, an institutionalization by this president of some of the worst abuses and what we, a lot of us, thought were just aberrations during the Bush years.

    But also, the disconnect between saying that we’re at a “Sputnik moment,” we’re going to make all these great investments and build our economy, and then, what’s he building the economy on? He says it’s based on tax cuts. He sounded like Ronald Reagan. It sounded like trickle-down economics. And how do you freeze domestic annual spending and at the same time make these tremendous investments that are needed in our infrastructure and doing what’s required to get people back to work? He didn’t mention the middle class, the huge disparity between the very wealthy—there hasn’t been a greater disparity in this country in wealth and income since the 1920s. The top one percent have more net wealth than the bottom 90 percent in this country. These are the basics; these are the fundamentals. And it was all ignored. And it really seems that these two parties, bought and paid for by the same interests, by and large, are not providing the kinds of solutions or addressing the fundamentals that the American people are most interested in, that impact the American people the most.

    And then, of course, I heard the word “purpose” when he was talking about Afghanistan. And I thought, finally we’re going to hear an explication by the President of the United States about why we’re there. And then it wasn’t there at all. He talked—in one sentence, it was basically just an aside about how we’re seeking to control the Taliban to stop al-Qaeda, ignoring, it seems, the fact that al-Qaeda has become the cellular network around the world, driven in large part, probably in greatest part, by the fact that the United States has invaded and occupied these Muslim countries and continues to kill innocent Muslim civilians.

    AMY GOODMAN: Joan Claybrook, you’re a leading consumer advocate. You’re the president emerita of Public Citizen. You’re here in Park City at the Sundance Film Festival—actually, we played a clip of a movie yesterday called Hot Coffee, where you talked about legislation that limits people’s ability to access the courts. But first, overall, your response to what President Obama had to say last night?

    JOAN CLAYBROOK: Well, first of all, I think that this was his first campaign speech of 2012, and he was attempting to preempt the Republicans from going after some of the things that he’s advocated. And the thing that—but the thing that really bothered me the most was that he’s going to cut domestic spending for programs that are essential for Americans. And I look at his new framework of being a business-friendly administration and say to myself, have they earned this? Have the Wall Street guys who robbed and plundered America, have they earned a seat at the table from this president? Have the guys who harmed homeowners and sent all these poor families into foreclosure, have they earned a seat at the table in a, quote, “business-friendly” administration? Not to me.

    I also look at the whole issue of regulation. He has issued an edict that says that every government agency ought cut some regulations. Now, we’re not talking about some obscure thing. We’re talking about the environment, global warming, health, safety, pharmaceutical issues, auto safety, truck safety—all these issues that matter every day to Americans. And what that sends is a message. It sends a message to the civil servants who sweat to try and get these issues dealt with and to protect the American public that their president isn’t going to support them if they get into a controversial issue. And every regulation, almost, is controversial, because somebody doesn’t want it, particularly Big Business. And it sends a message to the business interests that they can go with impunity and oppose these regulatory programs, and they know that the President is probably going to clamp down on the people who are issuing the rules. And these rules matter. They really matter, when you have, for example, a very controversial one pending is hours of service for truck drivers. And it kills 5,000 people a year and injures, you know, almost 100,000 people a year. Just think of the consequences for American families with just that one rule. And then it sends a message to Congress, and particularly Congressman Issa of California, who is the new head of the Oversight Committee, who wants to go after the regulatory program, who went to the business interests and said, “What do you want to kill?” So, I see that the President is not really addressing the issues that matter to American people.

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