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    A dark political satire film set in the future in the fictional desert country of Turaqistan.

    It stars John Cusack, Hilary Duff, Marisa Tomei, Joan Cusack, Ben Kingsley, and Dan Aykroyd.
    107 min., Rated R, 2008.
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    Choices of the Heart: the Margaret Sanger Story (True Stories Collection)
    Starring Dana Delany and Henry Czerny, Directed by Paul Shapiro
    Rated: NR

    The movie tells the story of Margaret Sanger (Dana Delany, China Beach) fight for women’s health through family planning and sex education in the early 1900s. The story takes place in New York City where despairing, women are forced mainly by economics to end unwanted pregnancies themselves.

    Outraged and saddened by what she sees, Sanger takes on her life work to fight against the moral zealots that have created chaos in women’s lives.

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    Margaret Sanger: A Life of Passion
    Trained as a nurse and midwife in New York’s Lower East Side gritty slums, Margaret Sanger grew aware of the dangers of unplanned pregnancy—both physical and psychological. Sanger ignited a movement that has shaped our society to this day. Her views on reproductive rights have made her a frequent target of conservatives and moral zealots.

    In this captivating new biography, the renowned feminist historian Jean H. Baker rescues Sanger from such critiques and restores her to the vaunted place in history she once held.

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    An American Prophecy: What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America's Next Rendezvous with Destiny By William Strauss and Neil Howe
    400 pages. Broadway 1997.
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    The Inside Story of the Struggle for Control of the United States Supreme Court

    By Jan Crawford Greenburg
    368 pages. Penguin Press HC. 2007.
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The War on Women’s Health, Main Ideas

The War on Women’s Health

The Main Ideas

By Truthmonk
December 23, 2012

  • The new guidelines ensure women receive preventive contraceptive health services (PCHS) at no additional cost to stop health problems before they start.
    • It has already been endorsed by 28 states that have similar requirements.
  • The medical necessity for PCHS has been firmly established with multiple professional medical organizations endorsements.
    • Family planning allows medical management of maternal preexisting health conditions — diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, etc.
    • Family planning allows informed decisions about family genetics.
    • Family planning allows an analysis for environmental and recreational teratogens.
    • Family planning allows adequate birth spacing which lowers medical risks — low birth weight, preterm birth, miscarriages, stillbirths, birth defects, etc.
    • There are non-contraceptive medical reasons to used hormonal birth control — acne, menstrual pain, etc.
  • Family planning is responsible for American family size of 2.1.
  • Women have a major role in the American economy — labor earnings are 23% of GDP, their businesses are 20% of GDP, responsible for 16 percent of all U.S. Jobs.
  • It’s my money whine nonsense
    • Multiple studies found contraceptive coverage saves money for both public Medicaid and private insurers.
    • And even if it doesn’t, it’s cheaper than child-rearing expenditures of about $296,000.
    • And insurance pays for other niche items — Viagra at $50 to $80 a month, diabetes care at an estimated $174 billion annually.
  • Religious rights nonsense
    • How firm are Catholic beliefs against contraceptive use when 98% of Catholic women have used a contraceptive method?
    • And a majority of Catholics (52%) don’t believe in a religious employer exception.
    • Conservative Justice Antonin Scalia has upheld in previous cases the constitutionality of similar government regulations when in potential conflict with religious freedoms.
    • What about other religions groups — Jehovah Witnesses for blood transfusions, Islam for pig derived insulin, etc.
    • Jewish women are commanded by the Talmud to use birth control under certain conditions
  • Group rights over individual rights?
    • Many people, such as Ayn Rand, reject the very idea that groups can have any rights.
    • Whatever rights the Catholic Church has, must come from the individual members – the 98% that have used a contraceptive method.
    • The Catholic Church even seems to support this view.
    • If one believes in the concept of American Individualism, one cannot support the Church’s leadership over the subjugation individual women.
  • ObamaCare would prevent 320,000 abortions and 800,000 unintended pregnancies.
  • Pregnancies leave behind foreign DNA derived from her fetuses and all fetuses harbor foreign DNA derived from their mothers and her fetuses.

If history is any indication, the minuscules from the conservative Republican realm will never concede defeat. They do not believe sex has a purpose outside of conception. They will never admit to this belief putting it out for public sphere. Instead they will cloak their true intentions while aiming to achieve their goals through deception.

If the consequences weren’t so catastrophic, this lunacy would be morbidly funny.


The War on Women’s Health Series

Main Ideas

Part 1: In the Beginning

Part 2: Family Planning

Part 3: Maternal Fetal Medicine

Part 4: Contraceptive Coverage Economics

Part 5: Women’s Economics

Part 6: Religious Beliefs

Part 7: American Individualism and Summary


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